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Lessons Learned from a Flipped Classroom

By: Andrew Crim, CHCP, Executive Director, and Dena Silva, MS, CHCP, Assistant Director, Educational Programs, University of North Texas Health Science Center

During the Alliance for Continuing Education in Health Professions’ 2017 Annual Conference, UNT Health Science Center presented results from two attempts at planning CME using the flipped classroom approach. Each case was described, and results were discussed as a series of promising practices for educational designers and planners considering the format. Both cases were educationally well-designed. However, one resulted in 10 percent of 41 learners completing the pre-work, while the other resulted in 100 percent of 129 learners completing the pre-work.

The obvious question was, why the stark difference? The answer is communication.

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Non-Clinical Continuing Education Grant Funding: Questions and Opportunities

By: Greselda Butler, CHCP, Senior Manager, Grants and Contributions, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies (US)

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Leading from Where We Are: Reflecting on the 10th Annual Industry Summit

By: AIS Subcommittee: John Ruggiero, Ph.D., MPA, CHCP, Genentech, Chair; Anthia Mandarakas, Sanofi US, Co-Chair; Patricia Jassak, MS, RN, CHCP, FACEHP, Astellas, Chair, Educational Committee; Susan Connelly, PharmD, MBA, CHCP, FACEHP, Pfizer, IACE Membership Section Lead; Christine Berger, Celgene; Shunda Irons-Brown, PhD, MBA, CHCP, Novo Nordisk US; Sue McGuinness, Ph.D., CHCP, AstraZeneca; Suzette Miller, MBA, CHCP, Sandoz; Tina Wright, Otsuka