Alliance Podcast Episode 17: A Conversation With Dr. Paul Mazmanian

By Brian McGowan, PhD, FACEhp

In this latest installment of the Legends Interviews series, Dr. Brian McGowan sits down with Dr. Paul Mazmanian. Listen as Dr. Mazmanian shares the story of his career in CME, including details about the Change Study and its origin story.

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Beyond Engagement: Harnessing Gamification to Achieve More Meaningful Outcomes in Continuing Medical Education

By Tyler Nelson, Director of Product, Array; Katie Robinson, PhD, CHCP, Associate Director of Medical Research and Outcomes, Vindico Medical Education


Recipe for Success: Case History of ‘Sustaining Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder: Expert Perspectives From a Multidisciplinary Care Team

By Jill Rovitzky Black, Senior Director, Grant and Content Development; and Angie Ladas, VP, Education Strategy and Collaborative Partnerships