Improving Team Skills of Healthcare Practitioners

Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (04/22/21) Cohen, Elaine V.; Luce, Virge; González, Manny J.; et al.

Researchers evaluated post-training effects on the team skills of 236 health practitioners in nine professions attending the Allied Team Training for Parkinson interprofessional education (IPE) program. Participants completed a validated, self-report Team Skills Scale before and after training. Overall, eight of the professions saw significant improvements in their perceived team skills. Participants demonstrating the greatest intention to change practice also saw substantial improvements. There were no meaningful differences in magnitude of change across profession groups. Team skills change had a strong linked to better attitudes toward healthcare teams, greater knowledge about teams and the role of other professions, and new knowledge acquired. In addition, confidence in Parkinson's care demonstrated a modest but statistically significant correlation with team skills improvement. The authors suggest that future IPE research focus on whether similar programs in other environments realize similar improvements to team skills competencies among postlicensure practitioners.

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