The purpose of the Almanac is to:

  1. Inform the readership about the latest ideas and innovations available to CE professionals.
  2. Involve the Alliance members in the organization.

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Editorial Policy & Author Information

2018 Almanac Editorial Board 

Kurt Snyder, JD, Chair

Jacob Coverstone

Kristen L. Dascoli

Angela K. Gomez, Ph.D, BCBE

Brian S. McGowan, PhD, FACEhp

Sue McGuinness, PhD, CHCP

Sapana Panday, MPH, CCMEP

Sarah Porter

Gail Radecki, CHCP

Erin Schwarz

Kim Vadas, MABMH, CHCP

Ezra Wolfe, MS

Philip A. Dombrowski, MBA, FACEhp, Board Liaison

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