Video Learning Strategies Affecting Achievement, Learning Approach, and Lifelong Learning in a Flipped Periodontology Course

Journal of Dental Education (03/08/21) Lee, Jihyun; Park, Jung-Chul; Jung, Daeun; et al.

A recent study investigated the impact of video learning on dental students' flipped learning (FL) achievement, deep approach to learning (DAL), and lifelong learning (LL) orientations. The authors compiled data from 65 students enrolled in a 21-week clinical periodontology course, with FL achievement predicted by repeated and in-advance video learning strategies. In-advance, meticulous, and expanded video learning approaches had a direct influence on DAL and an indirect influence on LL through DAL. No video learning strategies other than those promoted via DAL impacted LL. According to the researchers, the implication is that the implementation of FL by itself may not ensure more developed DAL and improved LL. Redesigning a course with FL should involve revisiting and amending student assessment. Based on their findings, the researchers concluded that "LL is an inclusive approach that requires the long-term cultivation of meaning, experience, insight, learning, and practice."

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