Development and Evaluation of a Simulation-Based Mastery Learning Maintenance of Certification Course

Gerontology & Geriatrics Education (02/25/21) Bradley, Sara; Lindquist, Lee A.; Jones, Emily M.; et al.

A two-day post-acute care simulation-based mastery learning continuing medical education (CME)/maintenance of certification (MOC) procedure course was developed and assessed by the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. Sixteen practicing clinicians underwent a skills pretest on knee aspiration/injection, gastrostomy tube removal/replacement, tracheostomy tube exchange, and basic suturing, using a checklist for each procedure. Participants then received a didactic on each procedure, followed by practice with feedback. They completed a skills posttest using the same checkllst, and had to achieve a minimum passing standard (MPS) for CME/MOC credit. A statistically significant improvement was observed between pre- and posttests for all four procedures. All participants were able to meet or surpass the MPS for each skill during the course, and their self-confidence concerning each procedure showed significant improvement.

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