Practice-Based Continuing Education Protocols

Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (10/28/20) Armson, Heather; Roder, Stefanie; Eva, Kevin W.

A recent study sought to increase capacity to support maintenance of competence by investigating factors that shape the value of web-based pretesting in continuing educational protocols. Family physicians in a practice-based learning program studied two educational modules independently or in groups, completing a needs assessment and assigned to either sit for a pretest intervention or read a relevant review article before learning sessions. Following session completion they performed an outcome test, indicated plans to change practice and documented any changes implemented. Physicians in pretest intervention spent less time completing the assigned task, did better on outcome test questions repeated from the pretest, and made more practice changes to which they committed when completing the module independently. The authors determined that low-stakes formative quizzes plus feedback can influence practicing physicians' recollection of material from the intervention, independent of perceptions concerning the need to engage in continuing professional development on the specific topic.

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