Training and Education of Pediatric Radiation Oncologists: A Survey From the 2019 Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society Meeting

Pediatric Blood & Cancer (08/13/2020) Paulino, Arnold C.; Dieckmann, Karin; Esiashvili, Natia; et al.

A recent survey gauged the educational background, clinical practice, and preferences relating to continuing medical education (CME) among radiation oncologists who attended the 2019 meeting of the Pediatric Radiation Oncology Society (PROS). Of 130 attendees who completed the survey, more than 80% reported access to computed tomography simulation, three-dimensional radiotherapy, and general anesthesia. Less than 30% said they had access to intraoperative radiotherapy, proton, and heavy particle therapy. Post-residency, about 12% underwent additional training in pediatric radiation oncology. When queried about further post-residency training, nearly 90% expressed desire for "a formal training program beyond residency in order to treat children," according to the authors. In addition, over 75% reported using journals, books, live meetings, and tumor boards to learn more. These findings may help PROS "in creating guidelines and recommendations for improvement in pediatric radiation oncology training and practice support as well as the development of CME activities most likely to benefit practitioners," the authors conclude.

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