Global Forum on Quality Assurance in CE/CPD: Assuring Quality Across Boundaries

Pharmacy (07/09/2020) Vol. 8, No. 3, P. 114 Baumgartner, Jennifer; Bradley, Catriona; Clark, Bronwyn; et al.

An overview published in Pharmacy details the Global Forum on Quality Assurance of Continuing Education and Continuing Professional Development's (GFQACE) achievements in defining an accreditation framework for and cross-border advancement of continuing education and continuing professional development (CE/CPD). GFOACE was established by the CE/CPD accreditation organizations of Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States. The overview includes a short history of CE/CPD, also noting the benefits of CE/CPD in the professional development of pharmacy professionals, innovation of pharmacy practice and the provision of quality care for patients. Additionally, the article discusses the role of accreditation in defining, assuring and furthering quality CE/CPD. "The expansion of the GFQACE membership will require careful planning and openness in order to accommodate and include jurisdictions with greater diversity in cultures, pharmacy practice, CE/CPD systems and CE/CPD accreditation systems," the authors note. Looking ahead, GFQACE says it aims to support the development of facilitated review agreements between the accreditation organizations of two or more jurisdictions and expand the number of member organizations.

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