Simulation in the Continuing Professional Development of Academic Emergency Physicians

Simulation in Healthcare (07/15/20) Forristal, Chantal; Russell, Evan; McColl, Tamara; et al.

New research considered simulation-based continuing professional development (SBCPD) in Canada and what academic emergency physicians (AEPs) look for in an SBCPD program. Two national surveys of Canadian academic emergency medicine sites found 60% were using SBCPD, although just 30% had dedicated funding support. AEP responses indicated a median annual SBCPD of three hours, and AEPs said they were less incentivized to participate than department representatives (DRs). Content areas of interest for SBCPD included rare procedures, pediatric resuscitation and neonatal resuscitation. Both AEPs and DRs reported that they valued interprofessional involvement in SBCPD.

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