FDA Collaboration to Improve Safe Use of Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics

Pharmacy Practice News (06/01/20) Vol. 18, No. 2, P. 1773 Whyte, John; Winiecki, Scott; Hoffman, Christina; et al.

Collaborative research by the Food and Drug Administration assessed the effect of targeted short-form messages or continuing medical education (CME) on fluoroquinolone prescribing among high prescribers. Both approaches led to significant new prescription volume reduction among Medscape healthcare providers (HCPs) compared with controls. Combining targeted short-form messages with CME resulted in the highest percentage of test HCPs with reduced prescribing (80.1%) versus controls (76.2%). There was a marked reduction in new prescription volume for uncomplicated urinary tract infection and acute bacterial sinusitis after exposure to targeted short-form messages, CME or both. Additionally, the researchers report, the open rates for targeted short-form messages that included comparative prescribing data with or without clinical context were slightly higher than targeted short-form messages that only contained clinical context.

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