Goal-Setting on a Geriatric Medicine Rotation: A Pilot Study

Journal of Medical Education and Curricular Development (01/30/20) Alston, Jillian; Cheung, Evelyn; Gandell, Dov

A pilot study in Canada evaluated a standardized goal-setting intervention for resident physicians rotating through a Geriatric Medicine rotation to characterize feasibility, obstructions, and successful completion. Residents were encouraged to set three personal learning goals using the Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic, and Timely goals framework and then outline a process to accomplish their end goals. Only 59% of residents completed the intervention over 12 months; however, if goal-setting occurred, 92% of the goals were specific and 45.5% were not related to medical knowledge. The authors recommend the enforcement of goal-setting form completion and mid-rotation check-ins and coaching to improve the intervention. "We plan to scale the structured goal-setting process to another academic institution and complete a more in-depth qualitative study," they conclude.

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