The American Academy of Family Physicians and Haymarket Medical Education Partner in an Unprecedented Education Collaboration

Business Wire (12/10/19)

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) and Haymarket Medical Education (HME) announced a two-year partnership to improve the scope of continuing medical education (CME) for family physicians. HME will tap AAFP's expertise for insights and data points about family physicians' educational and clinical requirements in relation to content planning, faculty identification, and learner enrollment as the partners collaboratively plan education programs and related grant proposals to underwrite projects. "The AAFP/HME partnership ... will deliver education to family physicians that has been developed with and sanctioned by the AAFP, while also providing a robust opportunity for independent medical education commercial supporters and other HME partners to support this important audience," said HME General Manager Caroline Pardo, PhD, CHCP, FACEHP. HME Vice President of Educational Strategy Scott Scire added that the alliance "will augment the vital educational content that AAFP continues to provide to its members through its ongoing activities, such as the annual Family Medicine Experience and the National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Students, which AAFP will still manage separately from the partnership."

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