Diagnostic Radiologists' Participation in the American Board of Radiology Maintenance of Certification Program

American Journal of Roentgenology (12/01/19) Vol. 213, No. 6 Rosenkrantz, Andrew B.; Berland, Lincoln L.; Heitkamp, Darel E.; et al.

The results of new research show that more than half of the diagnostic radiologists studied participated in the American Board of Radiology's (ABR) Maintenance of Certification (MOC) program. Researchers report that 56.4% of 20,354 diagnostic radiologists who met the inclusion criteria participated. Participation rates were 99.6% among radiologists whose MOC participation was ABR-mandated and 13.9% among those whose participation was not mandated. Rates of nonmandated participation for academic radiologists topped those of non-academic radiologists, while subspecialists also participated more than generalists, as did radiologists in larger practice groups than smaller groups. State-level nonmandated MOC participation rates varied from 0% to 32.6% and had a positive correlation with state population density. "Infrequent MOC participation by lifetime certificate holders is particularly low among general radiologists, those in smaller and nonacademic practices, and those in states with lower population densities," the researchers concluded. "Low rates of nonmandated participation may reflect diplomate dissatisfaction or negative perceptions about MOC."

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