They Can Save Lives, Sure. But for the Business Side of Healthcare, These Doctors Go Back to School

Philadelphia Inquirer (11/11/19) Avril, Tom

With physicians increasingly in need of business training, Drexel University professors are teaching such courses to providers in the Crozer-Keystone Health System. The Physician Leadership Academy features courses developed by the Drexel University Solutions Institute. Executive director Anna Koulas says faculty are recruited outside the business school as needed. Physicians who volunteer to take these business side courses can use them as continuing medical education credits. Among the topics covered in the program are ensuring sufficient, but not excessive, patient capacity, and accounting for the contribution margin from a specific hospital department. "We don't want to treat patients like a commodity," said participating Crozer-Keystone gastroenterologist Joyann Kroser. "At the heart of it, we're still doctors, treating human beings who are coming in with a problem."

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