Focus on Professionalism

American Board of Medical Specialties (10/14/2019)

The American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Professionalism Task Force's recent inaugural in-person meeting in Chicago detailed progress in defining medical professionalism and professional standing. Task force members also met earlier for the ABMS-National Board of Medical Examiners Symposium on Professionalism: Advancing Assessment of Professionalism in Continuing Certification, which helped frame their discussion on professionalism and professional standing as it relates to education and practice. Feedback from the symposium, paired with commentary and input from key stakeholders in professionalism and professional standing in certification, will help the task force implement the Professionalism Recommendations of the Continuing Board Certification: Vision for the Future Commission. Members reviewed ABMS Standards for Maintenance of Certification, examining current requirements for professionalism and professional standing, as well as recent ABMS Committee Reports recommending ways to simplify and enhance how ABMS Member Boards evaluate professionalism and professional standing. The task force discussed the advantages of a unified approach and set of standards concerning how licensure status impacts certification status, and started organizing guiding principles to inform the Standards Task Force charged with creating new continuing certification standards by the end of next year. The four remaining Achieving the Vision Task Forces are also working to assess core precepts to inform their efforts and advance the Commission's professionalism recommendations.

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