Breaking Down Silos in Healthcare Training

Association for Talent Development (08/28/2019) Ellis, Ryann

With healthcare employees enduring climbing rates of burnout, researchers Christina Barss and Angela J. Patchell recommend interprofessional education (IPE), a collaborative learning and training framework that unites at least two professions. "Bringing healthcare staff together to learn with, and from, each other helps break down silos and generates greater understanding of others' perspectives and what other co-workers being to the table," they write. To implement IPE in healthcare, Barss and Patchell suggest fundamental design guidelines that include maintained concentration on the patient and connecting learning objectives to safety and quality interventions. The researchers also recommend recognizing real-world tasks that different fields and professions have in common and using simulations when and where suitable to immerse learners in a psychologically safe way. Awareness of building bridges to effective teamwork is recommended as well, as is combining task and trust-building within the learning experience.

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