Enhancing Educational and Leadership Opportunities for PGY-2 Pharmacy Residents

American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education (08/19) Fruhling, Lauren; LaFever, Michelle; Erstad, Brian

A recent study details interdisciplinary guidance designed within a PGY-2 Critical Care residency program to fulfill pharmacy residents' educational and leadership needs. This guidance is offered within the format of the so-called Erstad Hour, which incorporates written evaluations conducted as part of longitudinal assessments as the PGY-2 residents participate throughout the year. Presently, PGY-2 critical care and PGY-2 emergency medicine residents meet twice a week in 60-minute-long sessions to present and discuss current literature, while PGY-1 residents and pharmacy students also attend the hour when on critical care rotations. The researchers found residents directing biweekly educational sessions provides significant opportunity for leadership development under American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP) accreditation standards, while similar programming could potentially bolster residency experiences for residents in other programs. "Leadership opportunities may be a challenging aspect of ASHP accreditation standards in which to demonstrate full compliance," the researchers concluded.

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