AAFP Credit System Unveils New Seal

AAFP News (08/26/19) Crawford, Chris

The American Association of Family Physicians (AAFP) Credit System has revealed a new seal that continuing medical education (CME) providers can use to certify their offerings' approval by the association and show that they can be reported for transcripts following the completion of activity. AAFP director of CPD accreditation Amy Smith, MBA, said the new seal is a means for CME provider organizations to more easily articulate to learners that an activity was approved for AAFP credit and help members more easily recognize AAFP-credited activities. She added that AAFP members may view the seal in CME promotional materials, at CME activities, and in other related areas — although provider organizations use the seal at their own discretion. "If members don't see the seal, it doesn't mean it wasn't approved for AAFP credit," Smith explained. "If they don't see the seal, they can look for the AAFP credit statement or ask the CME provider organization if the activity has AAFP credit."

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