Evaluating Online Continuing Professional Development Regarding Weight Management for Pregnancy Using the New World Kirkpatrick Model

Journal of Continuing Education in the Health Professions (Summer 2019) Walker, Ruth; Bennett, Christie; Kumar, Arunaz; et al.

Researchers used a mixed-methods assessment based on the New World Kirkpatrick Model (NWKM) to gauge health professionals' (HPs) responses to accredited online continuing professional development (CPD) about weight management for pregnancy. Subjects' reactions were promising, and helped to increase emphasis on the value of weight management for pregnancy and confidence to provide advice. Quantitative analyses observed no change in participants' knowledge, but qualitative readings showed an increase in HPs' knowledge of communication strategies that they intend to use in practice. "Online CPD should be developed with collaboration between universities/professional associations and health care providers, so that evaluation of organizational change and clinical outcomes is possible," the researchers concluded.

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