Your Doctor May Be Playing Medical Video Games at Work. That Could Be Good for Your Health

USA Today (06/12/19) Baig, Edward

Approximately 400,000 medical professionals practice their craft using smartphone video games developed by Level Ex, a company whose products are specifically designed for healthcare providers. Level Ex currently offers a number of free games for iOS, including Android Airway Ex for anesthesiologists, Gastro Ex for gastroenterologists, Pulm Ex for pulmonologists, and Cardio Ex for cardiologists. The Level Ex games are based on actual cases that were submitted by doctors. "We give you the opportunity to take on very serious scenarios, but being able to do it in an environment where there's no consequences means you can try different approaches," said Level Ex CEO Sam Glassenberg. Doctors can earn continuing medical education credits toward maintaining their licenses by playing the games. The games are designed with a high level of photorealism, while some cases within games use augmented reality, with virtual images superimposed over the real-life surroundings. Players receive scores on speed, tissue trauma, loss of blood, and accuracy of the procedure and patient survival.

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