New ABIM MOC Assessment Addresses Past Criticisms

Healio (12/04/2018) Tedesco, Alaina

The American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) has developed a new maintenance of certification (MOC) assessment option called "Knowledge Check-In" in response to criticism over its MOC exam in 2014, with the goal of offering physicians greater options, relevance, and convenience. Among such complaints were of the exam being inefficient, not valuable, "unnecessarily complex," and failing to encourage high-quality care and lifelong learning. ABIM CEO Richard Baron said the two-year Knowledge Check-In is not intended to replace the traditional 10-year MOC exam; but it can be completed at home, the workplace, or at a test center. The new exam is video-proctored and open book with access to UpToDate, while the traditional MOC exam will now permit UpToDate access. Physicians will be allowed about three hours to complete the new assessment, with many receiving performance results immediately and more detailed feedback shortly after. The new assessment is currently available for internal medicine and nephrology, with expansion to other specialties planned for the next couple of years.

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