Janssen Uses Virtual Reality to Train Nurses

PolicyMed.com (11/11/18) Sullivan, Thomas

Janssen's virtual reality (VR) platform for helping nurses administer a multiple myeloma drug earned the award for Most Valuable HCP Initiative at a recent eyeforpharma event. Developers devised the tool to train National Health Service nurses on the drug, "with the sole aim of delivering confidence around the first infusion and so creating positive patient experiences." Janssen's HTC Vive VR kit enabled participants to probe a virtual chemotherapy clinic and interact with patients and other components. All participants were convinced that the experience would help in day-to-day clinical practice. "For us the real benefit was that patient treatment was not delayed, because the training took place before the product was launched," said the development team. "You build the nurses' confidence—before they would delay the infusion for another week or so to get training sorted. Multiple myeloma patients have months to live so you can't afford to delay their treatment."

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