New AAP Application Allows Tailored Access to Activities, Credit Management

AAP News (10/18) Korioth, Trisha

The new American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Activities & Credit Management application is designed to personalize AAP members' credit management experience while also boasting portability and universal accessibility. The app is part of the AAP Digital Transformation Initiative, using innovative features that concentrate on individual needs. The current interface is founded on a flexible digital platform that can be adjusted to members' requirements as needed. AAP Education executive Hilary Haftel, MD, says the app supports faster, more user-centric navigation with broad searching parameters. Filters allow users to localize information by name, activity type, year, and whether or not they have claimed the activity. Tabs no longer partition AAP credit from American Board of Pediatrics credit, and activity centralization makes it unnecessary for members to recall the type of credit they are claiming. In addition, activities are now connected and users can search within the whole of their continuing medical education or Maintenance of Certification activities.

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