2019 Alliance Recognition and Awards Updates and Deadlines

By Pam Beaton

Awards season has arrived, and we don’t mean the Oscars, Emmys or Grammys: It’s the 2019 Alliance Recognition and Awards! There’s some new and exciting changes this year, and we invite you to submit!

Updated Category

Pioneer Award for Breaking New Ground (In/With) Your CPD Program

Great ideas that you have been able to incorporate into your CPD program that are groundbreaking, original or game-changing that support sustained improvements in your program do not typically occur by accident (but could be a happy surprise!) This newly renovated award recognizes the pioneer spirit and accomplishments based on out-of-the-box thinking and creative endeavors/infrastructure that demonstrate excellence in accomplishing your program goals.   

Recognized endeavors/infrastructures could include, but are not limited to, a creative way to plan educational activities/interventions, how your CPD program is structured or other creative ways to improve processes relating to continuing education for health professionals within your CPD department or organization. 

Note: This award replaces the Innovation Award, which the Alliance is retiring. 

More Nominees

In the past, the awards did not allow for the inclusion of commercial supporters as nominees, but for many of the awards this year, that limit has been lifted. In addition, we encourage all providers to submit this year for their outstanding activities and look forward to new winners.

5 Tips for All Competitive Awards

  1. Read the instructions carefully ... and follow them.
  2. Ensure your award meets all the requirements.
  3. Be clear and concise in your description (graphics can be helpful).
  4. Provide enough information for the awards committee to review ... but not too much
  5. Be specific about how and which National Learning Competencies were incorporated. 

Improved Eligibility Requirements

  • The nominator must be an Alliance member, and at least one of the primary individuals involved in the planning, development and implementation of a nominated activity must be a member of the Alliance and listed as a nominee in the applicant information tasks.
  • A nominated activity must have been initiated within the specified time period.
  • Nominees and employees of commercial interests supporting the nominated activity cannot be a member of the Selection Panel for the award which they are applying.
  • A nominated activity/project may not be nominated for any other Alliance award in the same year nor have previously received any other Alliance award.
  • Only one application per nominee (person or organization) may be submitted per award category.
  • Nominees (person or organization) may submit for no more than two award categories.
  • Nominees (person or organization) may not submit in an award category that they have won the previous year.
  • Commercial supporters may or may not be listed as nominees. Please review specific award criteria for restrictions.

New Awards Committee Vice Chair

I am pleased to welcome Caroline Pardo, PhD, CHCP, FACEHP, as the new vice chair of the Awards Committee. With over six years of experience as a volunteer within the Alliance, Caroline is a valuable asset to the awards committee, most recently serving as chair of the 2017 Quality and Innovation Summit as well as co-leader of a SIG. Caroline recently shared the story that one of her first experiences within the Alliance community was as a volunteer within an Alliance Awards Committee. Her expertise in quality and research will be an amazing resource as we continue this walk down the red carpet.

Awesome Food

Join us at the 2019 Alliance Annual Conference Awards Dinner the evening of Wednesday, Jan. 23, as we present the awards to the 2019 winners.

Fast-Approaching Deadline

Don’t wait. Award submissions are due no later than Friday, Sept. 21, so get your application in!

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