A Randomized Crossover Comparison Between Team-Based Learning and Lecture Format on Long-Term Learning Outcomes

Pharmacy (08/04/2018) Vol. 06, No. 3, P. 81; Bleske, Barry E.; Remington, Tami L.; Wells, Trisha D.

In this study, researchers sought to examine the short- and long-term effects of team-based learning (TBL) versus traditional lecture. Researchers developed an advanced elective therapeutics course geared toward pharmacists with a goal of comparing the pedagogies of TBL to lecture through a randomized crossover model. Twenty-eight second-year professional students and two third-year professional students were randomized into either TBL or lecture formats. Six faculty members in the course each taught TBL and lecture approaches during two three-week sessions. After six months, the students retook a pair of multiple-choice examinations that were given at the outset. Differences in examination scores were minor between the two teaching styles.

Moreover, there was notable reduction in learning outcomes over time for both methods. Further research is required to verify how to ensure that short-term achievements in learning outcomes are maintained as well as how to better evaluate long-term learning outcomes, the researchers concluded. They also pointed out that the use of alternative assessment types — such as short answer, essay or an objectively structured clinical examination — may have yielded additional value.

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